Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha Green Tea Powder

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No other blend of tea is as steeped in Japanese tradition as ceremonial grade matcha. Japanese tea ceremonies are an important cultural practice between a host and their guests. The importance of the ceremony is highlighted by the quality of matcha that is expected to be served. As such, ceremonial grade matcha is blended from only selectively picked tea leaves during the years very first harvest.

The young tea leaves create a sweet mild flavour. Because of the delicacy of the flavour, ceremonial grade matcha is best blended with hot water only. Milk, sweeteners, and other mixes are not required as this tea offers the smoothest taste. Ceremonial grade matcha is perfect for the most formal of Samurai ceremonies and Sunday brunch with friends.

All of our teas are organic and stone ground. Matcha Samurai is grown in Uji Japan, the region most famous for it's matcha tea.