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Taste of Japanese Tradition

A Taste of Japanese Tradition

Matcha is green tea served in a powder form. Other teas steep in hot water, their essence infuses into the water but the leaves are discarded. Matcha is tea leaves so finely ground they dissolve into the water. This means, you get all of the health benefits and flavour from the tea leaves.

Matcha green tea has been a part of Japanese culture for hundreds of years. Preparing matcha is thought to be a quiet reflective act, that leads to a Zen meditation state. Because of this matcha become important for both ceremonies and daily Japanese living.

To preserve our matcha quality and history, we source the best matcha. Our matcha is organic and traditionally grown in Uji, Japan. The tea leaves are stone ground to be Samurai approved.

Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder

A New Flavour Experience

Matcha is well known in Japan, for it's delicious flavour and versatility. Matcha Samurai wants to bring these flavour possibilities to the rest of the world. Of course, Matcha makes a great drink, but did you know you can cook with matcha powder too? Matcha can be used to add flavour and colour to all kinds of sweets treats.

If you've never had Matcha before you may expect it to taste similar to other green teas. Matcha is a green tea, but has a unique flavour all it's own. Matcha is often described as being a mix of sweet and umami. Matcha has a natural sweetness, which is why it works so great with baking, but there is a savoury element that offers a delicate balance. In short, Matcha is f***ing delicious!

"Douzo" is a Japanese word meaning "please, go ahead", a word of offering. Please enjoy our Matcha. Douzo!

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Become a Matcha Warrior

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