Bulk Organic Café Grade Matcha Green Tea Powder

Bulk Organic Café Grade Matcha Green Tea Powder

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The Café grade is our most popular and versatile blend of Matcha. It has a strong flavour, so it can be blended with milk without losing the signature matcha taste. It is not so bitter that it cannot be enjoyed with just hot water. Matcha drinks are very popular on the menu in Japan. This includes smoothies, lattes, cold drinks, and much more. 

Matcha is naturally caffeinated making it a great alternative to coffee. These properties and the unique taste, make matcha green tea a growing trend that is expanding beyond Japan.

To ensure that your bulk café grade matcha does not lose flavour or quality over time, store in a dry air tight container. Matcha powder does better in cool dark environments, many people keep their matcha powder in the fridge or a cupboard well away from the oven.

All of our teas are organic and stone ground. Matcha Samurai is grown in Uji Japan, the region most famous for it's matcha tea.



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